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My ceramics instructor and the person who manages the kiln were kind enough to expedite the glaze firing for my final ceramics pieces. So I rode over to the studio this morning to pick things up, hot out of the kiln.

It might be more amusing to keep some of these as a surprise, but oh well. As the subject line says, I'm excited to share because things turned out amazingly well. (I'm also breathing a sigh of relief because I have been imagining all kinds of the terrible failures that can happen during glaze-firing). And by now everything's packed away in boxes, so I won't be able to take more photos for a while here.

First up, I had much better success using underglazes to paint on pieces as compared to stains or oxides. Behold, the antlion bowl, attempt 2!

Antlion Bowl 2

Antlion Bowl 2

The interior glaze is slightly too light, but that's a much easier problem to remedy than the opposite. (it would require a re-firing, so I have no timeframe for if or when that could happen. In the meantime, it can sit around just fine.)

Next up, a bowl intended for [personal profile] annikusrex, provided the net amusement and utility appeal to her.


And, fired:
Anglerfish bowl

Anglerfish bowl

I mean, what could be more fun than eating cereal out of a bowl and then facing THIS on the bottom?! I also just love playing with the inside/outside aspect of the bowl shape. And now of course I wish I could keep making more of these silly things. Oh - inspiration for this particular species.

A few more ordinary pieces (though with interesting glaze effects):

Hanging plant pots:
Hanging planters

Non-hanging plant pot:
Plant pot
(need to re-photo this one to catch a few more of the awesome details)

(S says, "I like big bowls and I cannot lie"):
Large bowl 1

Large bowl 2
(since both of these big bowls turned out reasonably well, AKW, I am also thinking I will gift you this other recent, more useful bowl if you'd like it)

And last but not least, an extremely silly sculptural art piece I slapped together towards the end of the session:
Cordyceps ant

And, of COURSE, JUST after I finished it, Myrmecological News wound up highlighting a whole bunch of amazing photos of Ophiocordyceps fungi, AND a new paper came out describing 15 new species.

These sorts of projects could keep me busy for a while.

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