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We finished unloading the truck yesterday, and managed to return it this morning without driving in TOO many circles. It's always a big relief to get a moving truck turned in.

Yesterday my aunt C, uncle P, and cousin A drove over from Connecticut. They brought a ton of wonderful food with them - a fantastic welcome wagon. Then uncle P helped us get the apple tree out of the truck and into a reasonable spot in the backyard.

There was a big thunderstorm yesterday. Multiple local people have said this area has had an unusually high amount of rainfall recently. The thunderstorm confirmed what I have come to understand is meant by the term "dry basement," which is that yes, the sump pump works to empty out the water that accumulates on the basement floor, and it's a good thing that it does because water WILL accumulate on the basement floor. This basement makes my childhood basement seem like an arid desert*.

But I'm still glad there's a basement. We just aren't going to store much down there. I was joking with S about turning the basement into a giant composting facility and then using the heat generated by it to heat this place in the winter.

The maintenance person happened to be working on another place across the street during the deluge, so he stopped by to introduce himself and check on the sump pump. He mentioned to S that this house was a kit home, and some musty blueprints in the basement confirm it. Sometime soon I need to try and take photos of the wallpaper in this place because it is incredible. It also strongly reinforces the "grandma" look of the place.

Boxes everywhere, but the crickets and ants are organized and seem to be doing all right. I still have a lingering cough and runny nose, but I think this head cold is starting to come to a gradual end, too.

*My parents only FINALLY got their basement completely dry about 2 years ago by having a company dig down around the foundation to install a perimeter drain. Not a small undertaking.

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Aug. 8th, 2018 11:11 pm (UTC)
Movin' in
Wow, shift from extreme hot & dry to very hot & wet! If this place makes our old basement seem dry, I can only imagine what you've got going.... Glad truck is unloaded and you are getting to the "get organized" phase of it all.
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