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And now, I have questions. [NY house]

1. I am feeling stuck on how to organize this kitchen. Where do I put the pots and pans? Where do I put the baking supplies? Do I put ALL the food in the pantry cupboard behind the swinging door? Should the food processor live on the counter or in a cabinet? What about the rice maker? Where do I put the tupperware, and the glass mason jars? What do I put on the lazy susan in the corner - food, or supplies? Do I put the toaster oven on top of the microwave, or is it better to have it in the corner under the cabinets? (broiler underneath the oven, by the way, NOT storage for bakeware)

Stove and pantry

Butcher-block cupboard

Cabinetry open

Kitchen cabinetry

2. Blueprints for the kit house. This house has radiator-based heat. What do I need to know about radiator-based heat? In other words, what needs to be done differently (aside from making sure to not leave melty things on the radiators)? Is forced-air that much better, and why?

Kit house blueprints

Kit house details

3. I did learn why there are buildings with red squares plus a white X on them, at least. Also, the crosswalk voices have New York accents, haha!

4. Are there any ways we can hang stuff up on top of wallpaper, without punching holes in the wallpaper? We don't have any touch-up paint, either, so I'm afraid I can't put any nails in the walls at all. Ideas and suggestions welcome. I kind of can't believe this house lacks crown molding plus picture rails, but I guess not since it's a kit?

Okay, a few bonus photos. I will think of more questions in the near future, I am sure. I am definitely most flummoxed by the kitchen organization.

Ant queens got their own queen bed one night:
A queen bed for the queens

Was this a lava flow field, just outside Albuquerque? Fascinating landscape.
Landscape near Albuquerque

It was cool getting to watch the monsoon rains across New Mexico. Seemed both the same and completely different from the Arizona monsoon rains.
New Mexico monsoon rain

Huge THANK YOU to [profile] manintheboat for a spot-on dinner recommendation in Albuquerque. The Church Street Cafe put us in our happy place, for about twenty different reasons all at the same time.
Church Street Cafe

What are they digging for, in this pit mine that's directly underneath the interstate, just outside of Chicago?
Near Chicago, IL

Tired cat sleeping on my lap in the moving truck.
Sleeping headbonk

Yup, full-on headbonk.
Sleeping headbonk

She always looks for small, dark spaces when we put her into a new house, and sometimes she's scarily hard to find. In the Grandma House, all the rooms except for the kitchen had area carpets in them, and there weren't a lot of cat hidey-holes. Area carpets scare me (hardwood floors FTW!), so we started to roll the carpets up, except that when S started to roll up the one in the living room, Emma spotted a small, dark space and instantly dove in.
Infinity cat

She stayed there for most of the first day. We wound up leaving the carpet in the living room, and altogether that turned out to be a good thing, given that part of the carpets that we did roll up got soaked by the basement water. I'm going to have to go over them with the steam cleaner now, sigh.

Do you think we brought enough supplies for camping? Well, we forgot the mosquito repellent, I can tell you that much.
Well-prepared campers

My aunt C took some great action photos while we extracted the apple tree from the back of the moving truck. It was much easier to take it out than it was to put it in, especially given the extra help from my uncle P. He held the safety rope while we lowered the tree down the ramp, and was fantastic help with getting the tree onto and off of the moving dolly.
Apple tree extraction

My cousin A did a great job of supervising us.
Apple tree extraction

Home laboratory setup for right now. Crickets to the left, ants to the right, academic papers and books in the middle. ...the spices aren't part of the home lab setup - need to figure out where they'll go in the kitchen, too. I need to take some detail photos of this wallpaper. It's incredible. Maybe later.
Makeshift home lab space

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Aug. 12th, 2018 03:02 pm (UTC)
I can offer suggestions regarding the hook issue for hanging certain things. (I live in a house with walls where it is difficult to put in a nail. The best solution I have found so far is using these utility hooks. The most common brand is Command. here</a. (this is mostly for reference so you can see the different sizes/kinds available for assorted things.) You can remove them pretty easily and they don't leave pull at the wallpaper. (I have used it on wallpaper.) I hope that helps a little.
Aug. 22nd, 2018 07:51 pm (UTC)
*looks around* Hmm, this was only, what, 10 days ago? Thank you for the suggestion on those Command hooks - I'm glad/relieved to hear that they work on wallpaper. I have some lying around already that I can put to use, hurrah.

Meanwhile, I also wound up asking the landlord, who said, "Use push pins." (I guess that works? Just not for fancy framed artwork!!)
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