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Time travel

So the dark cloud for Grandma House is that S is responding to something here. At this stage, we can't tell if it's the lingering effects of one of those older, more persistent kinds of pesticides that was used directly inside of Grandma House, or if it has more to do with whatever is going on with the brick building next door. As best as we can tell, the brick building is in the process of being sold. It looks like it's generally rented out as student housing. The brick building hypothesis would be a best-case scenario, although we would probably then need to leave all the windows closed on that side of the house.

So it was a good morning to try and get out of the house - under these conditions, S needs to be out in fresh air as much as possible because it takes a long time for his body to clear stuff out and return to baseline.

The local bike advocacy organization had organized a ride for this morning called "The Daily Grind to the Daily Grind," which started at an Albany coffeeshop called the Daily Grind and traveled to a Troy coffeeshop called the Daily Grind.

However, when we reached the starting point, it was discovered that a huge raincloud was looming over the area. So the ride organizer postponed things until the following Saturday. At least we got to meet a couple other local bicyclists. And thankfully, one of the other people who showed up to participate was willing to lead us down to the Hudson River Trail, and on the way he told us a few things about some of the bike infrastructure projects that are in the works.

We did get rained on while we rode, but it was a reasonably gentle and warm summer rain. Instead of going to the other Daily Grind, we rode to the Troy Waterfront Farmer's Market. People have been saying that it's the best farmer's market in the region, and it certainly had lots to offer.

Walking around and seeing what produce is in season felt a little like time traveling. When she visited on Tuesday, my aunt C brought us some apricots and peaches and said that apricots are usually here and then gone in a flash. My mental calendar has been tuned more to the Arizona seasons, where apricots and peaches have already happened, way back in May and June. Tons of tomatoes are ripe here, now, too. And there are blueberries all over the place.

It's comforting to be able to stock up a bit on fruit for the winter. We really couldn't take any frozen goods with us all the way from Arizona to New York.

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