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Local Bike Shop

The Local Bike Shop, a mile away from the house, is only open from 11 am - 6 pm on weekdays and Saturday. So after a crazy restless night of not-quite-sleep, I spent the morning working on various things at home and then gingerly rode the Jolly Roger over to the shop.

In spite of its boutique-like appearance, the mechanics there were perfectly happy to have a crazily heavy mountain bike with a picnic basket on the front to work on. By now I think the Jolly Roger's due for a spa treatment, so we went over a whole series of items in great detail.

One of the mechanics suggested trying to do a helicoil thread repair on the stripped crank, so that's what they're going to try. Given that the pedal seems all right and the other crank is fine, it totally seems worthwhile. First things first, though, I asked them to go ahead and work on getting the stuck seatpost out. The same mechanic who recommended the helicoil trick showed me two examples of other stuck seatposts he'd extracted recently. I'm glad to have someone work on it who's enthusiastic about the project. When I took the Jolly Roger in to the bike shop in Nebraska, the mechanic looked me in the eye and said, "We don't do seatpost extractions." The bike mechanics at my father's shop in Seattle also gave the Jolly Roger the hairy eyeball. I don't think the mechanics in Arizona or California would have been interested in the project, either, and I wouldn't trust the bike mechanics in Texas.

I gave them a handful of reflective ducks. I should probably give them a bunch of reflective Jolly Roger stickers when I come back in to pick up the Jolly Roger.

Then I rode Froinlavin in to campus again.

The local bike co-op is called the Albany Bike Rescue, and has open shop hours on Tuesdays and work days on Thursdays where people refurbish bikes to give away. I'll make it over there eventually.

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