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300k notes

Just to keep things from bouncing around in my head and falling out.

The ride: http://nerandonneurs.org/nersite/?p=3380

-Tons of roadside produce stands. U-pick blackberries and blueberries around.

-Over the course of noticing that he was reacting to something, [personal profile] scrottie pointed out that it looks like a lot of people out here do the same thing he's seen in Minnesota, where they drench their lawn in pesticides. That made me pay closer attention to the indicators and notice that he's correct - tons of advertising signs in peoples' yards for tick and mosquito control. I did see a single "no spray" sign. But just one? That seems kind of nuts compared to elsewhere. So, given this element, I'm a little skeptical of the signs for organic produce.

-We had to cross a narrow bridge with some crazy expansion joints at one point. Four sets of joints. I rode over the first one but then lost courage and walked my bike across the remaining three.

-The thunderstorm caught up with me in Miles Standish State Forest. I should have headed straight for the visitor's center instead of thinking that the porch/deck by the fire station would do much of anything when the rain started picking up. As a result I re-learned that my handlebar bag is excellent at holding water. I had things packaged up properly, but barely.

-My everyday slip-on shoes were okay, but not the best shoes for long-distance rides. The new pedals were excellent. My feet got soaked right after the thunderstorm while riding through some of the puddles across the road. So the shoe covers I made seem to work for gentle rain but not more extensive rainfall. I also forgot the trick of remembering to pack along spare dry wool socks in case of rain. Hopefully I remember next time.

-I did okay on food. Two of the five controls were at Dunkin Donuts, which has egg-and-cheese sandwiches and hash browns. Reasonable brevet food. I ate three of the four burritos I brought along but accidentally squished the last one.

-Following the .gpx worked well, up until the track ran out. Which happened right as it got dark. Navigating by cue sheet in the dark got confusing in a hurry, and probably cost me around an hour in bonus miles and map checks. Every road is named "High Street" or "Church Street" etc. That said - there are actually pretty good road signs in the MA countryside, unlike in Boston proper. At the finish control I learned from the organizer that my problem comes from the GPS getting cranky when a .gpx track has too many points. I'll plan on allocating more time for sorting that out in advance next time.

-Nice group of people out here. I wound up riding mostly by myself because my speed was in between the speed of all the normal people and the two guys who apparently vie with each other for Lanterne Rouge (unintentionally). Riding by myself was all right because it gave me more time to admire all the trees and stone fences.

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