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Day 4

I was able to walk around much more easily yesterday, although not without plenty of complaining from my lower back. I even made it out of the house, all the way to the farm stand on the corner by the church. It's funny how something like this forces you to be extra aware of how you hold your body when doing various things - bending over to wash my hands at the sink, standing up from a seated posture, getting up off the floor.

I'll try the second set of Priscilla's back exercises today. I remain extremely glad that I happened to acquire a copy of this particular DVD.

Extra time at home has meant I've been working on things like re-steam cleaning the carpets we thought we could store in the basement*, rearranging some furniture in the dining room, and pulling out various pieces of artwork to hang up on the walls.

The last step is always funny in a new house. I hung up one painting in the hallway, and S said, "That painting belongs in the bathroom so I can stare at it while I pee." Because yes, that's where I put that painting last time because I know it has lots of nice details to get lost in. This house has cupboards above the toilet, and there's a nice big window next to the toilet anyway, so the whole bathroom is much less of a dark closet than the bathroom in DogTown. So maybe I'll put some curios in there instead.

*Current plan: get them to dry out COMPLETELY while sitting out on the enclosed front porch, then roll them up and shove them in the attic instead. Everything that could possibly grow any mold at all in the basement is growing mold in the basement.

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