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Day 5 [Big Back Throw-out Adventure]

[personal profile] scrottie went on a test ride with me yesterday afternoon, over to the grocery co-op.

Scanning the list, when we arrived, I noted that we needed canola oil. They have a great setup for bulk liquids, including canola oil, but I'd forgotten to bring my own container, arg.

But they also had a section where co-op members could bring in jars, and then they'd get sterilized, weighed and stickered with tare weights, and put out for people to use.

Yeah, I like this place. I think S has been convinced to appreciate the co-op, too, based on the plants for sale out front. He may or may not have purchased a fig tree (his fig tree died in Arizona, which sucked).


So the test ride went well enough that I decided to try biking in to campus this morning. I brought along a camping pad so I can stretch and lie down on the floor as necessary. If I need to, I can take the bus home, or S says he can drive Princess TinyHouse out to pick me up. I'm planning on another hot date with Priscilla this evening.

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