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Back on the water (4x) + Classes, Day 1

Last week I finally had the bandwidth to sort out the rowing logistics for the Albany Rowing Center, and discovered that their fall rowing season had just started up. Given the shenanigans with my back, it didn't make sense to try and get underway last week, so I set my sights on this morning as a good time to get down to the boathouse and check things out. With rowing, you tend to figure out the most by just showing up (cue that saying about xx% of life being about showing up).

As is typical for the first morning back rowing, I slept restlessly. Another spate of warm, humid weather hasn't helped. So I sprung out of bed when the alarm finally went off, and wove my way through the quiet early-morning streets, heading down towards the water.

Right off the bat, the morning coach stuck me in a quad, which was perfect, as far as I'm concerned. All of the morning master's rowers were in sculling boats, a good sign, including a fleet of singles, a double or two, and a men's quad and a women's quad. The other three rowers in the women's quad were all in their 50's and have all been rowing for about 2 years, so we weren't fast or especially well coordinated, but we easily outpaced the men's quad. I got a good workout in and it was nice to be back on the water. Also, importantly, the quad did not induce rage in the way that the Vespoli in Tempe did. And I've said it before and I'll say it again: for some reason, sculling is an excellent workout for certain postural muscles for me, so altogether it made my lower back feel great (believe it or not!).

Between the humidity, sweat, and a bit of splashing, I was soaked by the end of practice. So I took a shower when I got home, then had breakfast and biked in to campus.

I am thinking I'm going to try and switch over to the Texas approach, if I can, where I go rowing and then head straight in to campus. That would put me at 14.5 miles a day. If I return home and then go to campus, I'll be riding a total of 20 miles a day. With any luck, there are showers in the gym here, and twice a week there's free breakfast in the dining hall for faculty and staff. Seeing as I'm already changing clothes when I get here, that would streamline things. I am just hoping that 4 mornings a week won't be too much time away from S and the cat in the morning. We shall see.


My first class starts today, at 1 pm, so now I'm in that semi-anxious pre-teaching state where it's hard to concentrate for fear of running late. I'm still working on finishing lectures for Thursday and Friday. Lots to do.

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