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House tour 2

Now that we have a few more things in order, it's time for another house tour:

Kitchen, now with hanging things!
Coffee grinder installed

And more hanging things!
Pot rack installed

I am debating whether I should go ahead and put more holes in the plaster, to hang up the spice rack on this blank wall. It would be more handy than keeping them in the dining room, where they're currently stored. Otherwise I could maybe modify that shelf above the sink to hold more spices? I dunno. I am annoyed by this project right now.
Kitchen counter

The good-looking side of the dining room. The dining room is definitely the center of household activities, full of all kinds of living creatures, including humans.
Dining room

The living room. Eventually I'll take down that giant poster of New York. The fireplace is gas so it won't scare Emma. Can you tell that we figured out how to set up the projector so we could play video games? Also I am still scared about putting holes in the wallpaper. Window shades are closed because it has been hot uncomfortably warm.
Living room

My office and the future guestroom, once we can afford a guest bed (soon...). So many crafting supplies...
Back bedroom / my office

Bedroom for sleeping, as Emma is demonstrating over by the window:
Bedroom (blurry)

Why Yes We Do Have a Flush Toilet:
Bathroom, viewed from hallway

I have imagined so many great things that one could do with a nice enclosed porch. But I hadn't expected to use it for Steam Cleaning Central. I am really hoping that chapter will end soon.
Yet another carpet to clean

And, bonus photo of the garage and [personal profile] scrottie's most recent acquisition:
S's newest toy

Daysailer! He would like you to know that it was cheaper than the kayaks.

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