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Double Trouble

I got put in a double this morning, so I sat stroke and K steered and gave me a few steering tips on the river (general take-home is that things are dark and dangerous along the shore). She's been rowing just a few years less than me, heh.

I still feel like I'm in "awkward teenager" mode, but I can feel some skills returning, especially when we pick up the stroke rating for practice pieces closer to race pace. Coach Y gave me a better analogy this morning for what I need to work on in terms of power application during the drive. He said to think of a compressed spring - when the tension is released, the spring springs back all at once, not in pieces. I have a bad habit of not keeping my upper body engaged while I apply power with the legs, I think in part because I have low muscle tone (I'm built to be slightly *too* slack when at rest).

I am trying out what it's like to bike straight in to campus after rowing. So far, so good: I was able to shower and get breakfast at the dining hall and back in front of my computer by 9 am.

Now I just need to summon the energy to make more progress on all the things on the to-do list...easier said than done during the post-rowing energy crash.

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