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The Big Kids

Sorry, all I've got these days are rowing stories.

This morning's 2x was...divine. I think I can sum it up by my conversation with H as we headed back to the dock at the end of practice - we both agreed that we liked to race other boats, any other boat, any time. I think that attitude showed through clearly during our 1-minute interval pieces against two quads (and yes, we kept up).

The pieces reminded me of doing intervals against the Serious Double in California: no matter how badly the Serious Double would wind up beating me, I would never give up without a solid fight. After all, that's how we learn to get the boat to go faster. Of course, also as with the pieces against the Serious Double, I started to seriously fall apart towards the end of the pieces (poor conditioning).

It wasn't a perfect row, but there were some fantastic segments in there, which means that we have the potential to do better and go faster. It's good to have something to reach for.

I hope that we get to do more. H is older than me but by less than a decade, and she asked about the Head of the Fish. So we shall see. We could have some fun.

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