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Jolly Roger update

The bike mechanic called me towards the end of last week with an update on the state of the Jolly Roger. Worst stuck seatpost he's ever seen, he said. (when I first took the JR in he showed me evidence from previous successful seatpost extractions) He also said it has now become a matter of professional pride to get the job done, even though it is taking forever. I may have to fight him on paying him enough for the work (I like to make sure bike shops continue to exist). It might be ready for pickup by this upcoming Saturday. We shall see. Oh, he also said that he was doubtful that chemical methods would have helped much in a case like this one. I still feel somewhat torn on the issue of having someone else do the extraction, but on the other hand it's clearly a large enough project that it would have taken me forever.

I'm missing the old beast, especially on rainy days. Some time ago I started having fender issues with Froinlavin's rear fender and took it off, but maybe I need to revisit that, too. The stuff that I take with me when commuting is heavy enough that I wince whenever I hit a pothole while riding Froinlavin. Froinlavin is supposedly okay for "light touring" and really shouldn't be subjected to such heavy loads.

I suppose I could reassemble Old Faithful. *laughs maniacally* That would be...interesting...on the hills.

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