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Quadruple scull

Was given an opportunity to row in a supercharged quad this morning - H, from Tuesday, sat in bow, and stern pair included two tall, strong women who I think are both maybe 10+ years younger than me (didn't ask). Somehow this team has an unusual number of tall, strong women (this is not a complaint!).

We had a fairly good row, but it was one of those rows that left me wanting just a little bit more. It was just slightly too complacent. When H and I sat in the double on Tuesday and worked to bring up the power, we had more sharpness. The quad felt slightly sluggish, and I would still agree with coach Y that a part of the problem is some missing connection and acceleration on the drive (easier to describe than fix). I know that I was part of the problem - felt a bit discombobulated at the catch and release. Lots to work on.

I mean, these things are all relative. It was still smooth and controlled, with pretty good timing (when I didn't screw that up). And the set was great - nice and firm and stable. And I'm still glad that in this program the rowers are all mixed around with each other, because that helps keep cliques from forming and also encourages all of us to focus on ourselves and the things we individually need to work on.

One other interesting thing I'm noticing - it seems to me like our practices are slightly shorter than I'm used to, although I can't entirely tell. We're still covering around 10k each morning. This is good in that I'm not totally exhausted at the end of practice (although I am tired). It means I'm able to get up and go the next morning without too much trouble, although by Friday I'm starting to feel the cumulative effects. I hope this sense of buildup persists.

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