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Older and more wily

Back in the quad again this morning, with a completely different set of rowers compared to yesterday. Our stroke seat was K, who rowed with me in the double last week. Two seat was M, the rower who has been a club member for the longest - this was my first time getting to row with her. She strikes me as a wily one. I'm still fuzzy on bow seat's name, but she's the rower who likes to race against H at all times (any boat, any seat, any time). This was a crew that was more mature than Thursday's crew, with better, sharper technique. Getting to row behind K should be good for me, whenever I get to do so. Fun times and we managed to stay ahead of H in the 2x for the morning.

Our coach had us do one of every rower's all-time favorite workouts, a series of 500m interval pieces. That was after about 6k of warm-up/steady-state rowing. We're averaging just over 10km of total distance each practice, which should be good preparation for head racing.

Now I have one of those blisters on my right thumb where the skin has peeled partway off, exposing young, tender skin underneath. That's going to make rowing interesting tomorrow morning.

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