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Monday blah

Bed magnets were really strong this morning, but I still pulled free and made it to practice.

S has been keen to get his newest sailboat out on the water. His bigger boat, still moored in the Sacramento River Delta, is nicknamed BoatyBoat, so the new one out here is TinyBoat. TinyBoat is a daysailer, a 14-foot O'Day Javelin. Its previous owner hadn't sailed it in a few years, so it was unclear how well it would actually sail. Yesterday afternoon I paused my lecture preparations so we could drive down to the boat launch for a test sail.

Well, it floats, but the wind was only moving at 1-2 mph, and the current was moving faster than that. The centerboard only got stuck in the mud once, briefly. So there was a lot of paddling, on my one rest day off from rowing. I suspect that one of these units would almost fit, but not quite.

Back to this morning: we had southerly winds, which is the main wind direction that causes chop on our stretch of the Hudson. Classic. We had reasonably good water upriver, so long as you don't mind the occasional log, so we were able to get in *some* decent rowing. Towards the end I was channeling my inner open water rower. You never quite know what you're going to get on race day, after all.

I also switched oar handle types, to the Concept2 orange rubber ones. The green grips get really slippery when they're wet, and rowing being a water sport and all, it has been hard to hold onto them. The orange grips are wider, but they aren't filling me with rage in the way the equipment in Arizona was.

This week: finish writing lectures, review two manuscripts, do some of my own manuscript-writing, write the first exam, grade the second homework assignment, get the ball rolling on animal room renovations. Oh, and there's a regatta on Saturday morning.

Wish me luck.

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