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Saturday morning rowing practice. Coach Y puts me in the 1x for the first time in a long time, for a set of 2 "4k" race pieces (stroke coach says more like 5k).

First off: the Swift was a MILLION times better than that @#$$%&$%^#$@ Vespoli 1x in Arizona. Stable, comfortable, adjustable, with a nice seat.

But, after having been in bigger boats, and with it being the end of another long week, I wasn't at my best.

I didn't have the worst morning out of the lot of us - another one of the 1x scullers, J, who was started at the same time as me, quickly surged out ahead of me and then for some unknown reason started taking a strange, veering course. Next time I looked over my shoulder, he had just given a shout because he had run smack into a full-sized tree that has become embedded in the river mud, and had flipped himself into the water.

Coach Y was expecting wild success, but I'm just not there when it comes to 1x sculling.


Went over to the bike shop to pick up the Jolly Roger. The shop was quiet so I told the mechanics a few stories. I may have a couple of leads on a replacement bike; we shall see. I'm feeling sufficiently overwhelmed at the moment that I don't quite feel ready to deal with the entire project of swapping everything over to a new frame.

Meanwhile, Froinlavin is starting to show the effects from being chronically overloaded: the rear wheel is starting to develop a skip. And I really need to put the rear fender back on, what with all of the rain and dirt and sand.


Thursday night was the night when we lost electricity to around a quarter of the house, including the kitchen and dining room lights, and one of the two power outlets in the kitchen. S moved the reading lamp from the living room into the kitchen so we can at least see while we cook. For various reasons our landlord can't make it over just yet to assess the scope of things. Meanwhile I am feeling bad about the uneven depressions in the lawn from move-in, when S thought we might be able to get away with temporarily parking the moving truck on the grass.

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