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I could really do without these random anxiety waves today (said every person with anxiety, ever).

Constructive things from the weekend:

1. Multiple wonderful people have ideas for the next step, beyond the Jolly Roger. Something will work out. The main hard part will be trying to find the time to get a replacement set up and dialed in the way I like it.

2. When I went to pick up the JR, I decided to buy a new 700 x 25 tire for Froinlavin. While riding around I've been hearing slightly more noises than I'm comfortable with, and they seem to have been emanating from the rear wheel, so, precautions. I pulled the wheel off and finally got to use my spoke tensiometer to see if there were any obvious indicators. There were not, but it was fun to use the tensiometer anyway to get a sense for how the wheel's laced, and I feel good about truing the wheel before it gets super wacky. The wheelbuilder who built that wheel laced it TIGHT and I want to keep it that way.

Then I tried reinstalling the rear fender, which I believe I tore off in frustration sometime in Arizona or maybe California because it was rubbing on the tire and I couldn't get it to stop.

Well, I tried this tweak, I tried that tweak, I bent a few things in new directions, but still, fender rub. Argh. Finally, I pulled off the old 700 x 25 tire and popped on the fresh one.

For those of you who don't know this, tire sizing schemes are kind of arbitrary. I don't recall the brand of the old tire, but it was substantially fatter than the replacement Bontrager Hardcase. No more rub.

And good timing, all things considered. There's more rain in the forecast today.

3. [personal profile] bluepapercup and her husband S came by for a visit on Sunday! They'd been on vacation, traveling around New York and visiting places where BPC grew up, and figured out that Albany was at the halfway mark on the drive home to the Boston area. It's hard to beat a wonderful visit with a longtime friend - makes a person's heart happy, amirite?

4. I took the plunge and went ahead and bought a guest bed at a local furniture place on Saturday. I am mostly just relieved to have that project mostly taken care of (actual bed delivery scheduled for tomorrow, so we shall see...). Across expenses, I'm still not at consistent positive cash flow yet, which makes me feel nervous and impatient. I'm happier when I know my limits and can make plans (e.g. how often can I afford to fly us across the country to visit West Coast people? etc.).

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