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Late in the afternoon yesterday, there was a commotion in the hallway outside my office: the teaching lab across the hall had a small flood due to water coming back up through a floor drain. Upon further inspection, we discovered that my animal room was also flooded. At least I don't have any animals in there yet, phew. As of this morning it sounds like what happened is a holding tank that is designed to help neutralize any acidic waste material that's put into the lab sinks, has filled. Apparently there were a lot of eppendorf pipet tips in there, too.

You'd better believe that I'll be teaching all my students about proper drain disposal. I would have done that anyway but now I've got an example to jab my finger at.

It was nippy and blustery this morning, so instead of rowing we just focused on de-rigging the boats to prepare them for tomorrow's regatta. We've been encountering a lot of duckweed out on the river lately, perhaps as a product of extra nutrients from rainwater runoff. It winds up accumulating on the boats, which we always wipe down at the end of practice. I decided that instead of calling it duckweed we should call it "river confetti." More festive that way.

S went off on a daytrip to NYC yesterday, but just before he was about to get on a train to come back, a New Jersey commuter train derailed (minorly) and the whole system ground to a halt. He got home at around 1 am, so it was a night of fragmented sleep. Ah well.

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