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Monday Funday

Oh Mondays. Yesterday looked like:

-Scramble to finish grading ahead of office hours and the start of class
-Hooray, students are finally using office hours to their advantage!
-Scramble to finish the online grading
-Scramble to finish assembling lecture material for the week (I'm not sure I'm done yet)
-Scramble to finish writing and post this week's homework assignment

-Head home at 7:30 pm (arrive home at 8:20 pm), eat dinner, go to bed

I did take a few minutes to make up our brand-new guest bed, since the mattress pad finally showed up. We have a wonderful wealth of beautiful handmade quilts, with the most recent addition being a quilt made by my Aunt B:

Well-decorated guest bed

It's on top of the third quilt from [personal profile] scrottie's mom - I think we have 4 bed-sized quilts from her, plus a purple lap quilt that is Emma's favorite thing for curling up and sleeping.

So at least there will be a nice place for my parents to stay when they arrive next Saturday.


For this morning's rowing practice, we first had to re-rig boats. Then I got sent out in a 2x with our team's other young rower (besides Coach A), E, who only started rowing this past June. I think I can sum things up via a Coach Y question: when we got back to the dock, Coach Y asked, "Well, is there any hope?" to which I said, "Yes!"

I should have pointed out that he's probably more coachable than I am, at this point, because my bad habits have been getting ingrained for years. Apparently this was one of the first times he's been put in a boat with a rower with substantially better technique - one of the best ways to learn how to improve. I said a lot of things about boat feel.


When it rains, it pours: I had a couple of months without any manuscript review requests, and now I'm sitting on two.

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