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When I got up this morning, it was raining. I was a bit slow to get moving, but I did manage to get myself up and out of the house, off to practice. Once I was actually out in the weather, it didn't seem nearly so bad - just a gentle rain with occasional breezes.

But when I reached the boathouse, the verdict was that it was too gusty to row. Time to erg! Nothing like 4x12-minute pieces with 3 minutes of rest in between to tire a person out.

One silver lining: Coach Y made me watch the power curve display, and then pointed out where I'm trying to get too much reach with my upper body. When I tried to correct my overextension, I could see immediate results in the changed shape of the power curve.

It's hard to hold onto that change, though: my muscles have grown accustomed to overextending, so I will need to be really systematic to retrain them to only extend to a shorter distance.

For some reason, this concept is clicking for me more now than at previous times, in part because I'm thinking back to teaching students about length-tension curves for muscles: these curves basically show that maximal contractile force (tension) for a muscle occurs at an intermediate length: too stretched out and there isn't as much overlap between actin and myosin; too compacted and the overlap is too great.

I'm ready for naptime now.

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Oct. 11th, 2018 05:11 pm (UTC)
Overreach extension
Hi Rebecca:

Interesting to see the comments on muscle overextending. I relate this to my running where a Garmin virtual coach reminds me to shorten stride. When I do so, I'm faster in pace and steps per minute (190+) with less fatigue. I too have to retrain and get the brain and muscle memory to be satisfied with what seems like mini-steps at times. But satisfying results in faster pace average, less vertical oscillation, less fatigue; so worth it. Thanks! Jim Duncan
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