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BIke rides

My parents came back to town yesterday afternoon, at the tail end of their visit out here. We had dinner together with my uncle at a nearby Mexican restaurant which had lots of delicious vegetarian options. The waitress said the black beans were extra spicy that night, so [personal profile] scrottie and I found them to be perfectly spiced.

I was conflicted about going to rowing practice this morning because my parents would be departing in the morning and at this point it's hard for any of us to know whether I'll ever get to see my dad again. But eventually I had to figure that I should go rowing; my parents and I've had chances over the course of their visit to spend some wonderful time together, and the morning of their departure was likely to be wrapped up in all the miscellanea involved in getting packed up for a long train expedition across the US.

The bed magnets weren't too terrible, but I did have to bundle up well because it was cold - a touch of frost in air. It was cold to the point where I started to get a little concerned about what rowing would be like. And when I got to the boatyard, only one other rower plus one coach showed up; not enough people to put a safety launch in the water, and hence not enough people for a rowing practice.

So I went home again and got to crawl back into bed for an extra hour, then had a nice breakfast with my parents and saw them off to the bus to the train station.

Work today was long, full of student meetings and teaching and seminar and more student face time and a review session ahead of their exam early next week. At least they all care, enough that about half my students showed up for a review session from 5-6 pm on a Friday evening.

So I didn't get on the road headed home until around 7 pm.

I put two strings of LED lights onto Froinlavin on Wednesday because it's dark out. So now if I'm riding around in the dark countryside, I can at least look down and have a little bit of bright cheer to look at. So when it was time to go home, I bundled up, turned on the lights, and got on the road.

As I approached a red traffic light on the last straightaway into town, I noticed another bicyclist waiting at the light ahead of me. Excitement, another bicyclist!! Out riding at night!! I stopped a short ways behind him in the bike lane and had a moment to observe that this rider was riding an older vintage-type road bike with some nice fenders, and also a nice little array of colorful LED lights that glowed in alternating rainbow colors. So when the light turned green I decided I wanted to ride up next to this other rider and compliment him on his colorful lights.

Well, here's a thing that sometimes happens among bicyclists. I don't know if this rider got much of a good look at me, but he definitely knew there was another cyclist right behind him (headlight's a giveaway), and decided to give that other cyclist a good run for his money. ("he" being me, if you catch my drift). So there I am, trying to catch up and offer a compliment, and finding the project getting harder and harder. I started out just trying to pedal at a decent clip, and pretty soon I had to work pretty hard to catch up. But eventually I buckled down, got in the drops, and charged up next to the cyclist, finally catching up, and panted out, "I like your lights!!"

I don't think that was what he expected but I found the whole encounter hilarious, and I think I saw a smile (in the dark). He at least eased up his pace.

This town could use more cyclists, is all I'm saying.

Then, a jiggety-jog and two blocks later, as I prepared to stop behind two cars at another traffic light, I glanced down and noticed a small crumpled wad of bills on the ground. Counting it after I got home, I picked up a total of a lucky $16.00. Not quite a lucky $20, but pretty darned good for this year's lucky penny tally.

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