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Feeling ready for a Weasel Party

Students have their second midterm exam today and tomorrow, so that's what I did on Sunday.

Somehow it felt like a win to not have left the house at all yesterday. S tried to go to another sailing open house in Hudson, but it was canceled...due to too much wind.

I tried to go rowing this morning. This time I was the ONLY rower to show up, along with Coach A. That probably had to do with people going to the Head of the Charles this past weekend, plus temperatures down in the lower 30's. I need to talk to a bunch of my teammates about their plans for winter training. I get the sense that a lot of the masters rowers will want to go off and do their own thing, as masters rowers are wont to do. But at the same time this is the perfect time of year to sit down and outline plans for the year ahead. The Serious Double always takes some time off right after the Charles, and that's not a bad notion, either. But collectively we'll be happiest if we have a cohesive plan in place - one that satisfies the rowers, ensures program longevity, and ensures our coaches are satisfied, too.

And, to work.

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