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Swift 1x

We finally made it out on the water this morning - first time since last Tuesday, for me.

It was cool but calm, with a bright, nearly-full moon.

We had odd numbers, so Coach A asked if I'd be comfortable taking out a single, which would allow her to boat up a 4x and 2x that are both racing at the Head of the Schuylkill in Pennsylvania over the weekend. My 2x partner for the Head of the Fish, H, has Raynaud's and cannot row in cold weather, so she's doing other things to keep her fitness up.

This club's Swift singles are so much better than that rage-inducing Vespoli in Arizona. I didn't feel even 30 seconds of rage in the Swift. They're slightly awkward to carry due to wing riggers that have backstays, but on the water they feel good and stable, and they're set up well for me.

Heading up the river, the water was calm and flat up until a small cruise ship went past, but even after that things weren't too bad.

Heading back down the river, I narrowly missed a big log - the only debris I encountered at all. I didn't realize it was there until it went sailing past right underneath my starboard rigger. Three more inches to starboard and I would have rammed straight into it, eek.

There was a thin layer of ice on the dock when we got off the water. I'm having flashbacks to rowing in college, where we'd eventually start coming in with a coating of ice on the oars. It's not that cold yet.

Trees are finally doing their autumn thing, too, which is nice to look at while biking to and from campus.

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