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Oh brain

When the alarm went off at 4:36 this morning, my brain said, loud and clear, "NOPE." So I shut off the alarm and crawled straight back into bed. It would have been a reasonably nice morning for rowing, too, and if I'd rowed I wouldn't have gotten rained on during the commute to campus. But I couldn't argue with my brain at 4:36. So I must live with the consequences.

Then my brain decided I should wake up again about 1.5 hours later to obsessively worry about something I forgot to do yesterday (rank awards for a professional society I belong to). And also something I didn't work on at the beginning of October (submit protocols for using animals in Animal Physiology this spring). I couldn't remember whether or not that was something crucial I needed to do, or whether it simply would have been a good idea. Thankfully when I looked back over the e-mail for protocol submission, it only applies to mammals and birds. But I still need to get frogs in a row for Animal Physiology, so to speak, and I need to start working on that NOW.

I speed-read through awards stuff; thankfully, things were reasonably clear-cut this year.

Teaching students about biotechnology-based methods and about genomes this week has not been especially thrilling, so the next time I teach this course I need to rethink how I do this part. Same goes for teaching students about the cell and its organelles. I have to figure, if I'm not engaged, how could I expect the students to be engaged?

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