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This afternoon, while I was trying to put lunch on the dining room table, Emma tried to jump up on the table right on top of a small, decorative ceramic tray that dates from my very early ceramic attempts. In spite of my best efforts, she pulled it down on top of herself and a corner broke off as it hit the floor.

We've had a lot of ceramics break in the last couple of months - an accumulation of small accidents. I can't say that I enjoy using epoxy, or that I'm pleased with the results when I do use it.

Trying to budget for holiday travel plus for a major bike purchase has me stressed out about money and a bit sad. Now that I think about it, the last time I tried to move away from Arizona I was also facing a financial deficit. In that context, my current circumstances don't seem quite so bad, as in this case I have at least been able to rely on my own savings, carefully hoarded. Plus I have the memory that it takes multiple months to recover from a long-distance move, so in theory I can remind myself that this is just a transient stage.

It's just hard to be in an imbalanced financial state for an extended period - makes me question grocery-shopping decisions and such. Holiday travel induces multiple kinds of stresses because I also have to think about what I'm going to do for animal care while I'm away. No matter how I shake it I'll have to pay someone fairly well to tend to the plant and animal collection.

What kinds of things do you find to be helpful when facing stress over finances?

And on that note, back to work grading papers.

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