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Hmm. [no such thing as free lunch]

So, ever since I got utterly annoyed at LJ's photo-hosting switcharoos, I've been hosting photos on Flickr instead. Now they're updating terms of service to cap free accounts (1000 photos max) and are offering a single paid service level for "pro" accounts ($50/year).

On the one hand, I kind of appreciate paid subscription models, assuming they give users say in how the service is run. Web hosting isn't free, and Flickr has a nice interface, as far as I'm concerned.

On the other hand, that didn't save LJ, and there's always the concern that rate hikes will start happening.

Maybe this should be motivation to shift around how I'm managing my photos. After all, it has been a while since I've gone through everything to inventory it all and decide what to keep (and how) and what to discard.

It would be sad to have links break in archived posts, although at this stage my abilities to search old posts are so ineffectual that it might not even matter. (most effective method at the moment is hand-reviewing archives - apparently search engines don't think I actually want to search for the keywords I'm using).

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