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I remembered the other ephemera: Ice Cream

There are certain things about New York/ers that crack me up. Among them, the food culture and an almost unholy love of ice cream.

What reminded me of this was that on Thursday night S and I decided to walk over to our nearby Stewart's for some ice cream. As we walked, he said, "I'll bet that when we go in there someone will be ordering an ice cream cone." It wasn't quite an ice cream cone, but the moment we walked in, someone was ordering a milkshake. So not all that far off.

And then there's the amount of real estate inside the store that's devoted to ice cream. This isn't fancy gourmet ice cream, either - most of it is in those square cardboard cartons.

That was my first time inside of a Stewart's, which is also an interesting local phenomenon: kind of like a cross between a small grocery store and a convenience store, with slightly more real food than a convenience store. Handy to know that we have one just down the street.

Then there's this pizza review from the NY Times, which mostly just tells you a whole lot about how silly New Yorkers are about their pizza. I'm sure it's good.

I can only wish this would carry over to tortillas.

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