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Ambulatory calculations

I got off at the wrong bus stop yesterday, and I got on at the wrong bus stop this morning. Both were just one stop further than necessary. Now I know.

The walk to the wrong bus stop took 35 minutes. There's supposed to be a bus at 8:25 am, which is a bit difficult for me to make based on current morning routines. The next one doesn't come until 8:55 am (in theory; today it arrived at 9:05). The single-bus ride only takes about 20 minutes, but that's enough time to get in one row of knitting. So, an hour and 10 minutes or so from my front door to my office.

I don't understand why there aren't transfers out here. I guess people didn't want to have to deal with the logistics and expense? So instead the expense is the burden of the people using transit.

It feels a little frustrating to be beholden to a schedule, after having the freedom to leave and arrive and predictability that goes along with bicycling. Sure, it comes with its own challenges (the sweating! the clothing changes! the schlepping!). I'm reminded of that one summer in college in Boston, where I first tried commuting via the T for a week, then discovered I could bike instead, and never looked back.

On the other hand, ice makes me pretty nervous, especially on roads where the pavement's already rough.

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