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A couple of weeks ago, an Arizona friend posted on Social Media Site Brand F about an upcoming Cranksgiving ride, and I was sad because it sounded like it would be a good time.

A week or two after that, I learned through the grapevine that there IS a Cranksgiving ride out here, run like an alleycat! Yay!

But then I discovered it was scheduled for the exact same time as when two of my friends from out of town would be visiting. They aren't much for bicycling, so I was sad again. I mean, it would be great to catch up with them but on the other hand what with being in-between rowing seasons and such we could use every opportunity we can get to get out and ride around on bikes. Plus, meeting other bike people.

But then stuff came up for the friends planning to visit, so they had to cancel. Ready, set, Cranksgiving! Temperatures have gone back to above freezing during the daytime, so the roads were all fine.

The organizers said the event was on the small side, probably because of the snow this past week and because some other group of people decided to plan their gravel grinder for the same day, during the daytime. I think there were around 20 riders that showed up?

[personal profile] scrottie rode around on the tallbike and gained infinity new fans. I rode Froinlavin and hauled our goods. I also finally found a grocery store selling whole-wheat tortillas that aren't terrible, yay/phew (grocery co-op only sells the thick, bready ones; most ww tortillas have palm oil orangutan killer in them).

We got to talk to a couple of people involved in the bike co-ops in Albany and Troy, so that was good, too, and I was glad we finally got to check out the dive bar at the end, as I'd been intrigued by it but we haven't had reasons to go over to that spot until now.

Social Media Brand F also saw fit to show me an upcoming Holiday Lights Ride event next Saturday.

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