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The season [Thanksgiving]

We had a nice, generally low-key Thanksgiving yesterday. My aunt, uncle, and cousin drove up for the day from Connecticut, and I confined my cooking frenzy to just yesterday morning. It wasn't the most amazing cooking frenzy ever, but good enough. My pumpkin pie crust was tough, argh. I think the butter wasn't cold enough. I made a dish from the Cafe Flora cookbook: braised black lentils and artichoke croquettes, served up with a lemon cream sauce and lime-chil-garlic sauce. Plus brussels sprouts.

For the cream sauce I tried to use sherry instead of white wine, and half-and-half instead of cream. Protip: if you do this, the result will curdle. It was still edible and reasonably good.

Frying up the artichoke croquettes made me realize that I seriously need to level the stove.

For the brussels sprouts: I tried to follow my sister's technique, but now I suspect that it doesn't work so well with cast-iron cookware. She shreds up the sprouts and then sautees them with some olive oil and a bit of maple syrup, up until they start to get nice and crispy. When I tried replicating this in my cast-iron cauldron, stuff decided to stick to the pan instead of crisping up. So my best bet may be to go back to just roasting them in the oven.

Oh well. We still had plenty to eat and enjoyed ourselves. I didn't take many photos because I was too busy cooking, eating, socializing, and playing games, but I did take a blurry photo of my aunt's traditional Thanksgiving turkey:

Happy Turkey Day

And yes, that's the china from my grandma in the background. Fancy occasions call for busting out the fancy china.

I wound up doing my erging in the evening, after dinner. I hope I never have to do that again. It's way better to erg before the feasting, in case you had any doubts. My timing just wasn't right.

2018 Concept2 Holiday Challenge begins

Random Emma photo, because my sister recently sent me a bunch of her random Emma photos from our California days:
Hanging out

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Nov. 24th, 2018 01:53 pm (UTC)
I've looked at that first photo three or four times and now finally I realise that it is in the form of a turkey. I'm quick today!
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