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Yesterday I walked over to the Albany Art Room/Up-Stitch to see about some miscellaneous knitting and sewing supplies. I was partly in luck: plenty of cheap cotton yarn options, but wool for felting was too expensive and they didn't happen to have any awls for punching holes into leather. The cotton yarn is for knitting up more dishrags, which are a nice, portable project. The felt and awl are for slipper repair/updating. I love my slippers from the Snow Leopard Trust but they aren't making the same style anymore and one of my toes has worn completely through. So I think I'm going to knit a sole shape out of some yarn in my stash and then replace the existing vinyl sole with some green leather scrap from [personal profile] scrottie.

On my way home I found a Navigator bus card that someone had dropped at a bus stop. It wasn't registered so I can't return it to its owner, but it's a monthly pass good until December 7.

After that, S and I walked over to our local branch of the public library to sign up for library cards. Our branch is pretty small, and if anything the book collection is worse than what can be found at the small Montlake library branch in Seattle. Different audience around here, I suppose. But the system-wide options seem all right. I'll just have to plan out my reading further in advance.


The Concept2 Holiday Challenge is underway. A bunch of the Albany rowers are participating, so now I'm trying out the "Training Partners" component of the Concept2 logbook to keep an eye on how I'm doing relative to my teammates. I can't just use the "Affiliation Standings" because I'm still a member of the Arizona Outlaws and refuse to join the Albany Rowing Center on there (old team allegiances die hard). S says he's going to attempt the 100 km challenge this year and he has gotten 15 km under his belt so far. I've been able to start out with some solid work, but I've tended to find the first 100km to be much easier than the second 100k. So we shall see. I'm still trying to sort out ways to get over to team practices in Troy, without too much success yet. It's too long a trek for me to bike out there during the work week in winter.


Back to grading exams. Whee.

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