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I am working on drawing up a list of suggested Biology-themed books for my students to consider reading over the break. I have no idea whether or not they'll even look at the list, but it feels important to put the list together. More suggestions welcome.

Anyway, this has meant going back through various records to try and remember what I've read, and thus what I'd recommend. Including clicking on my "books" tag on LJ.


About a year before I graduated and left Arizona, my now-deceased ceramics instructor had loaned me an incredible home-ec book that she thought I'd like because it had detailed information about what it would take for someone to grow enough food to feed a family for a year. And she was right - I appreciated it tremendously! But then after a while it was time to return the book, so I did.

Then I graduated and moved away, and lost track of the name of the book. Somehow, some ideas from the book stuck with me, so I've wanted to track down a copy for years by now.

Then B developed brain cancer and died. After her death, her family established a memorial artist fund. I remembered that she had mentioned that this particular book had come from her grandmother in Tennessee, so I tried writing a letter to her family to see if they knew anything about it. I got a reply, but no more information.

But just now, clicking on that "books" tag, skimming all the way back through old posts, I found an entry where I noted the book's title. This feels incredible.

I also located a copy on eBay and purchased it, tight finances be damned (for $13).

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