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Yes, I will adopt you, city.

Yesterday, on my bike commute home, I encountered, oh joy! The city's Department of General Services sent around a crew to patch the worst of the bone-shaking potholes!

I should probably send them a nice thank-you note. I owe a lot of people some nice thank-you notes right now. Also some belated birthday notes. This semester is a hole, and I've fallen in it.

Riding around Albany, my feeling is, there are some shabby areas, but the city has good bones. People are trying.

I'm wondering how I can connect better with people in certain neighborhoods. There's one corner that I ride through that often smells overwhelmingly of heavy pot use, and I've slunk past multiple altercations on that corner. I hate feeling like I have to slink by, for multiple reasons. What I'd like to do is try and invite more people to find other ways to spend their time. My feeling is that a lot of what I'm observing is coping mechanisms. I don't have any issues with occasional recreational use (though it's not for me), but chronic use sure starts to seem a bit like alcoholism. I'm hoping we can make some flyers for next spring that say, "Come try rowing!" and then I will hang them up all over.

I think S and I are also going to have to start a Tuesday night bike ride. I haven't mentioned this to S yet.

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