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This week I get to do some of the fun and more rewarding parts of the job: working on manuscript-writing. Looking back over this first semester, I would like to have gotten more writing done during the middle of the semester, but it just hasn't been practical to force myself to sustain a strong writing pace. I think I'll be able to manage it in future years when I'm not so engrossed in all of the orchestration involved in prepping and then teaching a new course for the first time.

In that regard, the spring semester is going to be worse than the fall semester because I'll be going from 1 prep/week to 3: Comparative Physiology Lecture, Comparative Physiology Lab, and an Honors Seminar for students who passed out of our General Biology requirement. Granted, the Honors Seminar shouldn't be TOO onerous as it's a 1h/week seminar, but that's still face time and at least a little prep time each week. The Comparative Physiology Lab is going to be the hardest because there are a lot of moving pieces to keep track of: getting animals, supplies, and instruments all lined up, and doing run-throughs to make sure things work and take care of any and all troubleshooting.

Have a random Space Bootie photo. These are so nice for keeping my toes warm as the weather cools down. I haven't had to bust out the ski goggles...yet.

Space bootie season

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