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Deep breaths

This has been a tough year in multiple ways. I can't help the pangs of guilt I feel over not having my act together about holiday gifts or greetings for people. Nor the moments of anxiety. Plus the bind of, "I should be working. I should be resting."

My rowing teammates asked me to join our club's board. This club has had a tumultuous last couple of years and people value the perspective that I can contribute, having participated in a range of programs in a range of places. I got asked to join the board in California, too, but in that case I declined; research was too overwhelming there.

In this case I felt like I should say yes, to help give back to the sport that has given so much to me, and to help give back to yet another program that has welcomed me with open arms. There are a lot of good people involved in this organization, but we also have a lot to do. You know how it can be with sports: ebb and flow, peak years and building years. Interpersonal and team dynamics. It never feels perfect, but that's real life.

So if I'm short of breath on things, that's a big part of why.

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