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All the family all the time

Hi, Seattle! (to borrow [personal profile] ivy's method of denoting location)

So [personal profile] scrottie and I set out for the Albany airport on Monday afternoon. We arrived without incident, waited for our flight, boarded the aircraft...and then the pilot came on to make an announcement: one of the window heaters in the cockpit wasn't working properly, so they were going to try rebooting the window (har har) and then we'd be on our way.

Eventually, we all had to deplane and then mill around a bit and get sorted for alternative options. Southwest (bless 'em) had one more plane slated to arrive that evening, so they scheduled it to fly to Chicago instead of the plane with the busted window. But by that time, almost everyone would be missing their connections in Chicago. To top it off, there were only two functional customer service kiosks in the Albany airport, so rebooking was going very slowly.

After weighing our options, S and I decided, to heck with it, and got on the plane to Chicago. Southwest then put us up in a nice hotel overnight and booked us on the first flight to Seattle the next morning (Christmas day). Plus they gave us travel vouchers, the full implication of which is that S can now afford to fly out for my sister's wedding in January, yay!

And while it's nice to wake up with family on Christmas morning, well, arriving in the early afternoon isn't so bad, either.

So here we are. We managed to escape the house this morning and went over to visit the Center for Wooden Boats. I guess that in the dead of winter they only rent out boats on the weekend, so we'll go back this weekend and see about getting out on the water for a spell. Adventure!

Nice to have a break but on the other hand I'll probably need to figure out a compromise in the next day or three to balance between fun Seattle things and trying to get a leg up on academic tasks.

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