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Yesterday, on a whim, [personal profile] scrottie and I turned from the usual path home and detoured along the Foster Island loop trail instead (partly so he could go for a brief swim in Lake Washington*).

I don't think I've gotten to walk out there since the completion of the new floating 520 bridge - the one that now includes a bike and pedestrian path. [And now I can't quickly find previous reference to having blogged about the demolition phase of the project: "jackhammers on the bridge to nowhere"]

The evening light was phenomenal.

520 Reflections

Some of the benches along the trail provide an indicator of how wetlands work:
Sunken memories
Pretty much every year a work crew goes through and sprinkles on another layer of woodchips to keep the path passable. Even with the lake level lowered by about a foot for the winter, there were plenty of mushy sections. I view the mushy sections as a filter to keep down the traffic along the trail.

I loved the mirrors installed on the Bridge to Nowhere before its demolition. The new support pillars for the new 520 bridge aren't too terrible, though, all things considered.
520 Reflections

I have spent untold hours staring into the waters of Lake Washington and Lake Union, but they provide watery views unlike any other waterway I've ever stared into - some combination of the dark water color and the grey Seattle skies. I'm still in love with these mesmerizing views. Photos can't do justice to the colors and dancing reflections, but they're at least something I can take along with me.

520 Reflections

We were so incredibly fortunate to have grown up within easy walking distance of this Arboretum, given permission to while away our childhood afternoons out here, largely unsupervised.

*He determined that he doesn't have adequate cold tolerance at the moment to swim at current Lake Washington temperatures - couldn't put his face in and breathe.

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