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Back to Albany

I have returned back to Albany, to this quiet house but noisy cat. Awake at 4 am so might as well blog while the cat kneads and meows and purrs.

There are a lot of layers to the stories from this journey but I hope to start with the journey to Herland Forest for the burial, once a few more pieces are in place. The wind in the trees there was a comfort. I, too, now wish even more to save up for a plot to become a land and forest guardian there.

Other than that, being asked to and then reading one of the readings at the Catholic Funeral Mass portion of my father's ceremonies was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. Tried but couldn't telegraph through it. My father was a lector and asked me to be one, too, when I was a kid. Hell of a flood of memories, standing up there at the lecturn, to say nothing of the emotions that surround my relationship to the Catholic church.* I don't need comforting words or commentary about this; it just was the way that it was.

Many memories were brought to the surface by the opportunity to stand in places where I hadn't stood for a long time, talking to people I hadn't talked to in a long time.

I half expect my father to come along with some corrections to the telling of this story, but already his website is dead without any backups that we know of (yet). Not sure what kinds of file access he gave my mom.

*Nothing so horrible as all those who have suffered abuse at the hands of the Church; mine have more to do with some of the same things that caused my father to have both Cosmic Celebrations and the Catholic funeral, except some of my interpretations and conclusions are different.

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