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Lost and found

Lost: Gray cotton scarf with black bicycles on it; some bicycles had red flowers in the basket. My aunt gave the scarf to me at my sister's wedding. Most likely lost somewhere on the trip out to Seattle. I liked that scarf. My aunt said it came from the airport store in Juneau, AK. Looks like it can be found elsewhere, too, though it's hard to tell whether this is quite the same color. Edited to add...I think it's actually this color but with red flowers instead of purple. Not that it matters all that much.

Lost: Cheap Coghlan camping cutlery set. On the trip out to Seattle, one of my carry-on bags was searched so the security people could check my extremely non-sharp Tillamook cheese knife. On the return trip, I put the silverware in one of the outermost backpack pockets. I put my water bottle in the other outermost pocket, as that's another popular item to search. I only realized several minutes after leaving security that the silverware must have slipped out on the conveyor belt (or items were removed?). The knife turned up at lost and found, but not the fork or spoon.

Found: Every time I encounter a lucky penny, it is now a small remembrance of my father.

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