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A few small other things

There are signs of spring. The day my dad died, I tried to ride my bike along the Hudson-Mohawk trail, but wound up pushing the bike most of the distance because everything was iced over. When I returned to Albany, it was warm enough to melt most of the snow and ice. The Hudson River is now mostly clear, although there have still been occasional snow flurries and temperatures are still dipping below freezing.

Hope for spring

My mom's garden in Seattle is full of snowdrops and exuberant crocuses, and daffodils were just starting to appear everywhere. There aren't as many signs of life out here yet, but yesterday I noticed that we do have some teeny snowdrops coming up along the side of the house. I'll bet those were the doing of the prior owners.

The grocery co-op had several classic spring flowers for sale. Some came home with me. I needed them.

Tiny Narcissus Tete-a-Tete

Tiny Narcissus Tete-a-Tete

Apparently there's a Tulip Fest in the park near my house in April, and it's a must-see event. Here's hoping the tulips cooperate.


I made pretty good progress on the first cardigan panel during the drive to bury my dad, and on the plane flight back to Albany, especially after I figured out a method to do the cables without using the cable stitch holder. Oh, FWIW I wound up getting a set of HiyaHiya interchangeables because I have liked their other needles. I'm satisfied with them and glad I got them, as they're nice enough for my knitting habits. The cardigan feels like it's knitting up surprisingly fast, although I may not work on it much in the near future so it will probably wind up taking months to finish. We shall see.

Travel accomplishments

And with that, back to teaching duties...

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