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August 9th, 2018

More things here

I am trying to avoid interrupting [personal profile] scrottie constantly to squee or ask for feedback about things. He has work to do for the job he hates and can't cope with interruptions.

When browsing a bit for fabric stores, I found this place, and then realized that it's hosted by the Albany Art Room, and THEN realized that this place is only 0.3 miles away from the house (!!). S declared that he was uninterested because he would like to prioritize exercise during his free time. I'm wondering whether they do cone 10 work. We shall see. From the walking around I've done so far, it seems to me like we're well located. We're close to the large park in town, which is surrounded by rowhouses. We're also very close to the Albany hospital and downtown, and are in an area where there are many student rentals but also at least some family homes, too. There's a small row of restaurants a block away, too.

Yesterday I walked a mile to the closest bike shop to ask about bike maps and routes around town. The person I spoke to had some recommendations, but no maps. So then I walked downtown and stumbled across some sort of New York culinary festival, where there was an information booth with Albany/New York maps. Nothing bike-specific, but at least a few tools to start learning the local geography, I guess. I started wondering whether this place was going to be like Texas all over again, where a number of us put in a lot of effort to try and create our own good maps, because nothing existed at the time.

Then today I received an e-mail for an upcoming bike ride that will go from a coffeeshop here in Albany over to a coffeeshop in Troy, near the Troy farmer's market on Saturday - a route I wanted to learn anyway. In the e-mail was a link to the Bike Albany Map. I was filled with a sense of relief - there are other people out here who really care about bicycling and who are doing the heavy lifting already. I will participate and help out where I can, but there's already a pre-existing community. Phew.

Now I am trying to decide between two potential internet options. It sounds like the larger commercial provider for this area is Spectrum. But there's also this place: https://www.hvwisp.com/index.php/solutions/residential-internet


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I think things are going to be okay here.

[personal profile] scrottie and I biked over to the local grocery co-op this evening.

I am still a little agog at their bulk foods section. It's more extensive than Berkeley Bowl and probably most Whole Amazonias as well. It's also less ridiculously crowded and open until 10 pm.

They even have Nancy's yogurt. I know it's not the greatest to be pining for yogurt that comes all the way from Oregon, but on the other hand that was one of the things I REALLY missed when I went away to college. I missed it in Texas, too, to the point where I started culturing my own.

Field Roast products also make it all the way out here. They have a little bit of Tillamook, but really, I should switch over to some good northeastern cheeses instead. There are plenty to choose among, at the co-op.

Oh - and they still have bulk shampoo and conditioner, and they have milk in glass bottles.

I have signed up for the pre-membership tour next Tuesday evening - required before becoming a member-owner.

Biking here is going to be fine, too, as soon as I figure out where I shoved all my bike lights.

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