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September 21st, 2018

Freaky Friday

1. There's a storm front blowing in, so the water was a churned-up murky color, there was a bunch of algae strewn along the shore, and rowing was...interesting. Coach A called off practice early so the novices wouldn't give up all hope in life. I don't think this practice was very confidence-building for them for racing tomorrow.

2. The college has been working on renovating the rec center, so it was a hobo shower kind of morning.

3. I remembered to pack some milk to go in my coffee, but I forgot to pack muffins for breakfast. All things considered, the dining hall is a great fallback, although it isn't the cheapest option.

4. Nonstop exam-writing. Formatting takes forever. I ran out of time before it was time to run and teach.

5. Teaching was too much of a mad sprint to try and cover everything I wanted to include on the exam on Monday. Somehow we touched on most of the major things? I'm afraid they're still too shaky on the steps of the scientific method.

6. Student meetings basically all afternoon, with a mad dash to get the exam photocopied somewhere in the midst of it all. Now I just need to tweak it for the Tuesday class. Yeah.

7. I just at lunch (it's a bit after 5 pm).

Slightly more pants-flying than I'm generally comfortable with.

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