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October 18th, 2018

Well, that was fun

So my Tuesday/Thursday class is in the classroom where we had water leaking through the ceiling during the first week of classes.

Today, a short while before I was supposed to teach, we got an e-mail announcing that there was another leak that had happened directly above the network equipment closet serving the third floor. So we needed to make alternate plans in case we couldn't access the internet during class.

I managed to get the first half of my lecture slides to print before the printer ran out of paper and then decided that it no longer wanted to talk to my computer any more.

When I reached our classroom, my worst suspicion was confirmed: I couldn't log onto the classroom computer at all - no local login options. I ran up and down the halls until I found an administrator office with a phone so I could call over to IT and learn about local login options. No can do, they said, but they also said they were expecting the network to be back up in the next 15-30 minutes.

So, back to our classroom, time to give lecture by talking and writing on the whiteboard, here we go.

All told, it was just fine. Actually, I enjoy talking and writing on the whiteboard more than talking and pointing at the glowing screen. It's just that getting set up for one method is different from getting set up for the other method.

Partway through, one of our stalwart IT people came in and I said yes, head on over to the computer and do your thing while I keep on lecturing. Shortly after that, he gave me the thumbs-up and I was able to switch back over to my prepared materials and carry on.

This whole week has involved more seat-pants flying than I'd like, but so it goes. Now I'm waiting for family to show up because they'd like to see where I work.

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