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January 7th, 2019

Calendars and notebooks

When S and I visited the U Bookstore, the only small Moleskine planners they had were 18-month soft-cover ones with the days of the week on the left side and a blank ruled page on the right side.

I have near-immediate buyer's remorse. Issues:

1. I don't know if this is a left-handed person thing, or just a thing-thing, but I hate having the days of the week on the left side. To me it feels like the days of the week should be on the right side, and the blank ruled page should be on the left side.

2. After writing on just 2 weeks, the paper bleed-through seems worse than previously. Not cool for an overpriced notebook where paper quality is supposedly one of the selling points to justify the price tag.

3. I'd prefer the "horizontal layout" over this split-page design. The funny thing is, there are lots of other people out in the universe who like the split-page design and don't like the "horizontal layout."

So now there's the dilemma: keep trying to use a planner I don't like, or get a replacement and have wasted the existing planner and funds used to purchase it. Yargh.

Moleskine has been busy proliferating their product line over the last 10+ years, but what this means in practice is that a person has to wade through a whole bunch of different junk options to find whatever thing it is that he or she actually wants. This is the sort of thing that feels like a business model to try and get people to buy more stuff.

Collectively, this all means it's probably time for me to switch to some other brand for small notebooks, which is annoying because left-handedness and small handwriting narrow down the options.

First-world problems, I know.

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Winter Bike Commute Haiku #1 + [bicycling]

For Christmas, I gave my father the gift of bike commute haikus. Here is the first one:

Watch out for potholes
Hiding in the big puddles
They can eat a wheel.

Winter Bike Commute Haiku #1


Relatedly, on Saturday I discovered the Surly's first limitation:


The Surly's spare spoke holders interfere with the Burley trailer hitch. I do enjoy the phrase "Surly-Burley," however.

Oh, and it looks like I'm going with the name Frodo for this bike. S isn't completely on board with calling the triple tallbike Bilbo Baggins, but I'm going to start calling it that anyway.

...why yes, I *am* procrastinating from working on my syllabi, why do you ask? :^)

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