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January 8th, 2019

Winter Bike Commute Haiku #2

A weather forecast:
Freezing rain. But...just a bit.
Saddle up the bike!

Winter Bike Commute Haiku #2

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Broken electronics

In preparing one of my syllabi for the spring, the one for Animal Physiology, I've been spending a bit more quality time in the Animal Physiology lab space, starting to inventory and track things down.

This is an adventure. At some point I should pause and take photos. So far, I've just been pulling out various pieces of the most obviously broken equipment (labeled as "broken" or "does not work"). Mostly this has been microscope light sources and thermocouples. I know there's a "broken" microbalance in there, too.

I think I'm also going to emulate one of my PhD mentors by creating a "Manuals" cabinet, as it seems like up to this point the manuals for various instruments have simply been crammed into cabinets with the instruments themselves.

On the one hand, this is a lot of stuff to sort through. But on the other hand, it's satisfying to mix some tangible work in with all of the intangibles.

I am thinking that I should see if any of the prospective research students are interested in doing small instrument repairs. A useful skill to develop.

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