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January 10th, 2019

More lucky money commentary

Yesterday's quarter reminded me of an early-year chore: counting up the haul from the previous year:

Lucky money of 2018

That's $33.89, altogether, once again a combined haul from myself and [personal profile] scrottie. That seems pretty good, all things considered. I didn't have high expectations for the year, but both S and I found bills while in Arizona, and there was that one evening where I found a $16 crumple of bills here in Albany, on my bike commute home.

On the other hand, for 2017 we gathered a total of $43.61:

2017 lucky penny total: $43.61

And in 2016 we got $52.71.

Three points make a line, eh?

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Hyperlinks and streams

Today, while randomly browsing through some old bookmarks, I came across a link to this 2015 Medium article written by an Iranian blogger, about changes he observed in how people used the internet in 2008, when he was imprisoned, to how people used the internet by 2014, when he was released.

The contrast between the blog-based internet of 2008 and the "walled-garden" streams of 2014 remains important to think about, and the article is good encouragement for continuing my practice of spending more of my time among the hyperlinks and less of my time in the television-like streams.

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