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January 13th, 2019

Projects [knitting]

I'm getting ready to tackle a cool but substantial knitting project thanks to my bff [personal profile] annikusrex, who gave me the gift of a pattern and yarn for this cardigan for my birthday, yay! (this was, umm, last year's birthday. I've been slow to cash in, heh.)

Given that I'm a slow knitter, it doesn't make sense to try and rush into the project headlong, so I'm at one of those stages where I'm gathering materials and tools but haven't even started the process of checking gauge yet (for a sweater, checking gauge is pretty darned important! Just ask the previous sweater I knit myself.).

Part of the process of getting ready for the cardigan project has been inventorying my knitting needles. I'm pretty sure I've done this before, but I haven't the foggiest idea where that inventory list is, so I started a new list on my yarn stash spreadsheet.

And now I'm still scratching my head a little over how I have wound up with 4 different sets of size 2 double-pointed needles (used for knitting socks). I mean, one set is an old cheapo one that I probably bought back in college or so. I can also understand having both a bamboo set and a nicer metal set, because the size 2 bamboo needles feel a bit flimsy. At this point I should maybe get rid of 1 or 2 sets, although they don't really take up a whole lot of space or anything. I suppose I could offer them to friends in need, at least. Let me know if that's you!

So altogether I'm not quite ready to cast on for this cardigan project for some upcoming plane flights. Instead, I've looked through my yarn stash to just bring along supplies for two small, quick projects: knitting up a couple more dishcloths (reasonably fast and easy), and knitting new inner soles for my beloved Snow Leopard Trust slippers.

When I get slightly further along I will probably photodocument the slipper project for my own amusement. These days, [personal profile] scrottie and I have been watching videos by a wooden boatbuilder who is rebuilding a historic pilot cutter sailboat, and learning that sometimes "rebuilding" means replacing the majority of the original materials. I mention this because the slipper project is similar in that I'll be replacing a whole lot of the slipper material rather than simply going out and buying new slippers. But hey - kind of nice to have slippers that can get rebuilt so I don't have to throw things away. Hopefully the slipper project will take a couple orders of magnitude less time, money, and effort than the whole ship rebuilding project, heh.

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