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January 18th, 2019

Winter Bike Commute Haiku #7

New fallen snow means
Negotiating for space
Where is the bike lane?

Winter bike commute haiku #7

This one was largely inspired by a friend of mine who determinedly bike commuted in Boston during that one record snowfall year (2014-2015). She didn't exactly enjoy the experience and has been happy/grateful/relieved to have moved to Orange County since then (gleefully posting warm wintertime photos).

Based on what's happened so far out here, I don't know how much of an issue the snowfall will pose in terms of pushing me out into the middle of roadways. There are a couple of bridges along my commuting route where there isn't really anywhere to put the snow other than on the shoulder or sidewalk. Thankfully both of those points are areas where I think traffic's calm enough to not pose a huge issue.

Altogether these things highlight the importance of factoring in maintenance requirements when designing infrastructure for various uses by people.

I still miss cycling in Lincoln, NE, where the bike paths, which were a great and functional transportation network, were often plowed before the roads because they were managed by the Parks and Recreation Department. That says some important things about a region's priorities. They don't plow or treat the Mohawk-Hudson trail out here, and the M-H isn't that great as a transportation connector anyway.

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