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January 21st, 2019

All the feels. Every single one of them.

My little sister got married yesterday, out at Cama Beach State Park in Washington. S and I flew in on Saturday, having gotten underway in Albany at 3 am.

The park was so wonderful - the kind of visit that makes a person seriously contemplate throwing everything to the wind and moving there and refusing to leave at any cost. Forget any other ambitions; there were hundreds and hundreds of tiny blue sea stars, crashing sea spray from the wind, that incredible full blood moon eclipse, watched from the beach, wind blowing through evergreen and madrona trees. It put my soul at peace for a much-needed spell.

And the wedding. After the two years that S and I spent in the Bay Area, we are now also friends with many of the good friends who are part of [personal profile] slydevil and [personal profile] sytharin's Bay Area community, and it was a blessing to be reunited with them for a precious spell. That's to say nothing of a beautiful, graceful, silly ceremony full of all kinds of special moments, and to say nothing of a rare chance to catch up with extended family and other friends. So much love crammed into that hall.

And now back to Albany. Washington, you still know how to break a person's heart.


Edited to add: So many little snippets of memories and thoughts, e.g. thank you Washington State for letting people be declared "spouse and spouse."

The newlyweds played a phenomenal flute-concertina duet for all of us that was so beautiful, and then there was Morris dancing, which I could tell made my sister-in-law TREMENDOUSLY happy (not to mention the married couple).

The chicken cake toppers did not disappoint, nor did the cake made to look like a tree stump. I didn't take any photos but I am sure there will be plenty of photos of everything eventually.

The live mushroom log decorations were also very popular. So much fun. Highly PNW decorations: sword ferns, moss- and lichen-covered sticks, mushrooms, wood "cookie" disks.

It was good to sit with my dad and remark on the soul-healing qualities of being able to watch the wind move through the trees. I have this feeling that my parents' house is slightly too closed-in. All right for quiet and internal reflection, but only if balanced against time spent out in the Arboretum.

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